ikaria Revive Pet Facial Wash – Revive

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Bring the ultimate sense of tranquility to your pets bath time with the  ikaria Revive Pet Facial Wash!

  • Helps ease anxiety through aromatherapy
  • Features the appealing scent of apricot, white tea, and freesia
  • Safe for dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens.
  • Made in the USA

Why We Love It:

Lightening and brightening agents help reduce tear stains and beard stains. Formulated with only the finest botanical, aroma-therapeutic, and natural ingredients, ikaria® Revive Pet Facial Wash is gentle enough to use on the face and other sensitive areas, but powerful enough for thorough, full-body bathing. Made in the USA.

Ingredients: Aqua (water), anionic and amphoteric surfactants (gentle coconut derived cleansing agents), cocamidopropyl betaine, glycol stearate (conditioning agent), aloe barbadensis (aloe), panthenol (a natural hydrating form of vitamin B), optical brightener, bebeco (grecian apricot)/white tea/freesia essence blend, citric acid (for pH neutral balancing), DMDM hydantoin (preservative)

Directions for Use
: Rinse face with mildly warm water. Apply shampoo to face and carefully scrub around the eyes and muzzle gently with your fingers. While this product is pH balanced and tearless for facial washing, it is advisable to avoid direct contact with pet’s eyes and always rinse with fresh cool water afterwards as a precautionary measure. This facial wash can be diluted as much as 10:1. For external use only. Do not allow pets to ingest.

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